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welcome to sticktak

“Sticktak” is a software made to manage the computer’s operating system (windows) and navigate in it, in an efficient and different manner than any other method known so far. 
In front of you is a “Beta” version of the software, which is designated for personal use and is distributed free. All components of the software and an explanation regarding its operation are included in the attached presentation.
 “Sticktak” is a start-up company that invented and developed the software, meaning to enable users to activate and manage their personal computer, including internet access, with a quick, simple and clear method. 

Dear users, please Pay attention!!! Operating the computer with “Sticktak” is a revolution in the way you are used to operate and use your computer, but once you get used to it, you will discover that most action you used to perform are done now with amazing speed and simplicity, unknown to you so far.
If you like the use of “Sticktak”, tell your family, your friends and whoever you know, since as much users we have the more we can add innumerous qualities that haven’t been integrated yet, so that it will turn your computer use into a cool experience. 

“Sticktak” sees in any user a partner in the creation of a new reality in the realm of computer usage and invites users to try the “Beta” version and report to us in cases of any suggestions and/or malfunctions
 to Also, users who believe in the “Sticktak” method and have the knowledge to develop software are welcomed to make contact with “Sticktak” and be partners in our creation.